︎ hello there! i really do hope you’re well, or at least, caffeinated. i’m Hala, a 30 year old bad dancer & drawer of things from Cairo Egypt. i work with great people to craft brands. My focus is identities based on story-telling & looking super dope. My alter ego is a documentary photographer that is inately curious and inspired by amazing people she meets all around the world.

︎︎ say hello to collaborate, commission or coffee:
hala.hmakhlouf@gmail.com // call her? but you don’t even know her!

︎ i’ve worked with big brands as well as mom&pop shops (that’s old people lingo for startup). Here’s more about me, what i did, what i love and the fabulous things that happened along the way 
︎︎︎ this is an about page

︎ if you are a local NGO or charity, please dont hestitate to contact me for discounted or pro bono work. If you are an animal shelter, i love you. Now that you’re here, you can also say hi to my adopted babies, aka cat bosses here